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Keynote Speaker

Business Owner | Leader | Entrepreneur

Keynote Speaker

Building Success by Creating Good Habits and Aligning Mindsets

With years of experience building successful companies,Nick has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in business development, team culture, and achieving success. Throughout his career, he has faced many challenges and overcame self-doubt to build strong and thriving teams. He believes in the power of a positive mindset and works to inspire others to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals.

Join Nick as he shares his insights and stories, providing valuable lessons on building a successful business, fostering a positive team culture, and overcoming self-doubt. His message of resilience, determination, and growth is sure to leave a lasting impact and inspire you to reach new heights in your own personal and professional life.

“Nick Schlekeway has a natural gift of persuasion. I’ve witnessed his evolution from an impressive local sports hero, to building one of the fastest growing companies on a national scale. But I am the most moved when I see him on the stage. He graced mine this year at our annual flagship WICON conference, with a dynamic sold out crowd, who experienced Nick’s authenticity, humor, some of his highs, and some of the dragons that he’s battled with. We were pulled as an audience into his energy of relentless pursuit to not only live life all out, all in, all the time- but we saw his passion to help us all go unapologetically with him, and do the same in our own lives. In a world where “motivational” speakers seem to be everywhere, and “coaches” need only add the skill to a social media profile to be (arguably) legit, I highly recommend bringing an epic, world-class speaker to your event, leadership training, retreat, homecoming, graduation or cause. People are intelligent, and too often bored at typical events. Bring someone that can educate, inspire and activate your audience, team or community, with REAL experiences of ceaseless courage, life’s disappointments, with valiant overcoming stories, and many levels of achievement. Bring Nick to your event, but only if you want to crush your next event, and leave your audience better than you found them.”

SHELI GARTMAN “SHELI G”Founder Women Ignite | Diverse Team Trainer | Exec Coach | Accidental Comedian

Looking For A Speaker?

Nick is available for speaking engagements. Reach out to find out if it's a good fit.

Are you ready to take control of your personal development, become a powerful business leader, master the art of real estate and investing, and build resilience in the face of adversity? Look no further, Nick Schlekeway is available as a keynote speaker to share their expert insights and strategies on these crucial topics.

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