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Meet Nick Schlekeway

Entrepreneur & Investor | Speaker & Author | Real Estate Mogul

Build Resilience & Confidence

Learn How To Find the Opportunities In Hardships To Take Your Business To The Next Level

Acting as a leader in many disciplines in life, Nick has realized his true strength is to help people push beyond their comfortable limits to maximize success. Each failure has been embroiled with resolve and the relentless pursuit of continuous self-improvement, which ultimately led him to reach that next level of success.

The Brand Story

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Lean In With Nick

In times of uncertainty or change, the natural reaction is to pull back and watch what happens, and maintain a safe distance until you are sure it is ok to proceed. Discover ways to overcome these emotions that are holding you back from reaching the success you are capable of obtaining.


Business development, real estate & leadership.


Listen to thoughful conversations from leaders in business.


Nick is available for speaking engagements around the world.


Executive coaching for top performing individuals looking to break through the greatness gap.

In The Press

Read the articles mapping Nick's professional journey.

Maximize Your Potential


You have the capacity for more, the capacity for greatness, the ability to move beyond the confines of your present failures, your fears, and the limitations society would place upon you.

  • Stop comparing yourself to others & overcome the burden of envy.
  • Build a stronger community by focusing on the people you already know.
  • Harness your ability power to change your circumstances.
  • Overcome the fallacy of long-term planning. Stop waiting for permission or for the right time or for the right circumstances.

Breaking Through the Greatness Gap

Understanding What Separates The Good From The Great

Typically, it is ten times more difficult to move from “good” to “great.” That last 10% up the grade, from 90% to 100%, is not for the faint of heart. It is only the determined few who will see triumph here. My professional work has included a lot of research into the differences between teams and individuals who achieve excellence vs those who struggle to achieve distinctive success.

It has been my observation that breaking through the Greatness Gap and achieving excellence is largely dependent on the habitual and disciplined pursuit of winning in the margins. Greatness stands in the balance of an individual’s commitment to growing mental discipline through daily practice of attention to detail.

Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice, and discipline.
— Jim Collins

We were pulled as an audience into his energy of relentless pursuit to not only live life all out, all in, all the time- but we saw his passion to help us all go unapologetically with him, and do the same in our own lives. People are intelligent, and too often bored at typical events. Bring someone that can educate, inspire and activate your audience, team or community, with REAL experiences of ceaseless courage, life’s disappointments, with valiant overcoming stories, and many levels of achievement.

Sheli GartmanFounder Women Ignite | Diverse Team Trainer | Exec Coach | Accidental Comedian

Nick is without a doubt one of the most driven executives in the market place today. He has a passion that is as intense as it is real. He is profoundly self reflective, which is the secret to his drive and his desire for the mutual success of all those with whom he works with. He is a natural born leader and motivator that is both seen, heard and felt. He is a moving force seeking a win/win relationship with all he comes in contact with. If you have a chance to partner with or do business with Nick you can’t ever go wrong.

DENNIS A. CONFORTOCEO | Visionary | Motivator | Author | Keynote Speaker | Mentor | Senior Executive | Investor

Nick has such a gift for Coaching, teaching, and leading! I have never experienced any thing like his ability to hold an audience hanging on every word. Nick is incredibly inspirational as a speaker, because it always comes from his heart. True leaders are rare, and true leaders who can share that vision even more so. We at Amherst Madison are truly grateful for Nick’s insight.

DEBBI MYERSDesignated Broker at Amherst Madison | Real Estate Advisors

Incredible business coach who has worked and transformed numerous careers. He is personally responsible for growing my business every consecutive with tailored strategies and actions that prove to work. If I want a business coach who will challenge you, motivate you and genuinely care about your success- it’s Nick Schlekeway!

MATT BAUSCHERFounding Partner | Owner | Boise, Idaho, United States

Nick is one of the most powerful public speakers I know. He is especially talented when it comes to motivation and giving inspiration. It is helpful that he gives clear key points and really breaks down the process to achieve your goals. I’ve also had the privilege of receiving one on one coaching from Nick and he showed me the power of visualizing my goals and changing habits that were hindering me from growing.

MIKE T WILLIAMSPartner at Amherst Madison Advisors | Boise, Idaho, United States

Nick has a tireless work ethic and will do everything in his power to not only get the job done but to get it done right. Working with Nick will require you bring your A-game because under no circumstances will he not bring his best performance and expect the same from you. You want Nick in your corner when the stakes are high.

BRETT DENTONBusiness Breakthrough Strategist | Owner/ Director of Fitness, Performance, and Nutrition

We were pulled as an audience into his energy of relentless pursuit to not only live life all out, all in, all the time- but we saw his passion to help us all go unapologetically with him, and do the same in our own lives. In a world where “motivational” speakers seem to be everywhere, and “coaches” need only add the skill to a social media profile to be (arguably) legit, I highly recommend bringing an epic, world-class speaker to your event, leadership training, retreat, homecoming, graduation or cause.

BILL KLEHMChief Operating Officer at