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Conversations with Idaho’s business leaders and policy makers. Produced by the Boise Metro Chamber. Music provided by Boise’s own, Right Shoes.

About None of My Business with Matt Dietz

Business owners and entrepreneurs aren’t given a handbook when they start their business. It’s a very challenging endeavor. This podcast is a place where successful business owners tell their stories. Their highs, their lows, their tricks and secrets so others can benefit from their experience.

Episode Description:

Nick Schlekeway is back for a return visit! Here is the list of questions I ran him through and he brought so much thought, insight and authenticity to his answers.

Let’s talk about what you’ve done in the past 3 years.  How are things with Amherst Madison?

Let’s talk about your team.  How is your team built? 

You are big on training- talk to me about your philosophy on teaching others to invest in their own growth. How do you invest in your own growth- What authors/leaders/podcasts do you look to?

Running a business has wild swings in ups and downs.  How do you handle the downs?  

Is this harder than you thought it would be?  How difficult would it have to be for you to quit?
What are some things no one told you about success?

Let’s talk about being competitive and competition.  You mentioned to me recently that we need a villain to be competitive.  Can you expand on that for me?

How do you weigh the proper amount to sacrifice for your business?