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You hear it all the time, “The millennial generation is too casual,” or “These millennials don’t respect anything.” The common stereotype seems to be that my generation (a millennial by definition) has no concern for professional appearance or formality.

Is this true? Spoiler alert: no.

I recently considered some of the rockstar agents that I work with every day and how they present themselves around the office, with clients and out in the public eye.

Although I could easily spew my rhetoric about the importance of dress habits, I thought it would be more valuable to hear directly from them. Below, we’ll hear from three millennials (and myself) on why it’s so important to dress professionally.

Bauscher is currently the no. 3 ranked producer in the state of Idaho. He has closed escrow on over $50 million in production volume and over 130 transaction sides in the past 12 months.

He is a leader at Amherst Madison and a mentor to other Realtors.

This is astounding considering his relatively short time in the industry; he’s 32 years old and has only been a licensed Realtor since 2013.

Bauscher is known by his peers, clients and fellow agents to be ethical and professional at levels unmatched by the competition.

Among several other factors, Bauscher lists his appearance and the consumer’s perception of him as paramount to achievement.