I Hate Doing This

It is early in the afternoon on a Wednesday in January of the new year, 2021. I have been at this for about six hours and I am miserable. It is a testament to my sense of boredom and fatigue that I am taking a break to punch up this blog post, which is something (my blog) I have been dragging my feet on for reasons outside the scope of this post. Anyway, back to the hate…

Course development, writing a program for a new certification course, revisions to existing coaching and mentorship systems, structuring classes… barf.  I would much rather be structuring a deal, negotiating a contract, speaking to a room full of people (those were the days), working on a new marketing or creative initiative, or just about anything up to and including stabbing myself in the leg with a pen. 

It is times like this that I am reminded of an old lesson, one that I learned decades ago when I started to train my body and mind for sports. As the workouts got harder, the sand hills steeper, the air hotter, the fatigue deeper, the cold more bitter, a slow but inexorable message would creep its way into my foggy brain: “Anyone can do it when they feel like it.” My immediate response? “Shut up!” Yet, there it was, and it wouldn’t go away. The thought would continue to worm its way into my subconscious until it could not be ignored.

Truth is like that. It is not always loud and not always obvious, but it is always there if you have the courage to seek it out. So, away I would go. I was never quite sure who this “Anyone” fellow was, and I really didn’t feel the need to find out. In any case, I learned one of the most valuable lessons of my life at a very young age. Like most valuable lessons, it will continue to make its presence known.  It is those who have the discipline to do the things they do not want to do- or even hate doing- that achieve their highest potential.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you cannot delegate your way out of everything. Sometimes, the best person for the job, or even the only person available or capable of the job, is the one staring back at you from the glass. 

Although you most certainly should love parts, if not most, of what you will spend the majority of your life doing, those days will come when it is time to earn your keep.  They call it “work” for a reason. You don’t get paid because it is fun.

Maybe I just lack the required attention span or maybe I am not as intelligent as I should be, but at times like this I have to isolate myself with whatever ugly task is staring me down.  Much like the plow horse I envision, there is only one thing to do.  Put the blinders on, step into the harness, and grind it out.

6 Replies to “I Hate Doing This”

  1. rebeccapalmerwrites says:

    Great post! I often struggle with that same feeling of starting to hate something when it gets hard. I’m impressed that you’ve found such a skillful way to push through it to reach greater heights.

  2. Paul says:

    Great lesson and perspective. Life is not always fun, fair or even kind and thus we must do things we dislike or even hate. Keep them coming Nick we’re reading:-)

  3. Jennifer Jones Campbell says:

    Always awesome to read your thoughts!
    Thanks for sharing!

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