A good business plan should start with answering the question, “WHY?” 

That is, why are we doing this? Why am I (or we) starting this company and what do we hope to accomplish? What do we hope to give to our customers and clients? What is our unique value proposition? What moves us in a deep and personal way and how is that going to be woven into our business model? Starting and building a business is brutal.

Without a firm and compelling “Why”; failure is almost a foregone conclusion. Stated differently; Steve Jobs was famous for making the point that it is a requirement of success that we pursue a venture we truly enjoy. For, if it does not move us on a deep level, we will surely quit before achieving greatness. It is imperative that we all be able to communicate our deep passions to the world around us.

A business plan for a startup company should get put together from the input of all founding members. That is, everyone should have a say in the creation of the plan, the objectives, the mission statement, the core values, ETC. The more you involve them in the creative process, the more buy-in the employees or independent contractors will have. A business is about a village. A collective. A group. A Team. The Team must have input to strategic direction in order to be truly motivated.

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