What is the Secret to Great Passion?

Passion… such a powerful word. We all desire passion. We all seek to live with gusto and passion in varying degrees, to varying extents and in various arenas. Often, we look at passionate people and think, “If only I could have the passion that they do… imagine the action I could take towards living my dreams!”. Passion and how to find it has been the subject of much controversy and discussion. Just Google the word and you will find dozens of “Secrets” on the topic, and for good reason. We all know that without great action, great results will never follow. So, depressed we become at the realization that passion is so very elusive and difficult to capture. We catch it in quick glimpses and see it around corners. We hear the right song, see the right movie, talk to the right friend, and suddenly are alive with passion once again. Yet, never does it last. Soon enough, we are right back into a sluggish reality; with a daily struggle to move forward. Without passion, how can we hope to take the action needed for success? I think we have all been there. Perhaps it is our line of work that needs changed, or maybe a personal relationship which we need to abandon or alter…

What would you say if I suggested that many of us have it backwards? That is, the desire to be granted, or to “Find”, passion so that we can commit to the action it takes to see achievement. We look at people from the outside and see their great passion, however, what we never see is the commitment that came before the great fire of burning passion was stoked. We never see the laser focus of labor over years, the daily toil, or the early-dawn action taken when passion was a glimmer.  Great passion is only gained through great commitment. If you seek passion, you should first seek commitment. It is only through great commitment and great effort where you will find a passion that burns with intensity.

I am reminded of a favorite quote from the great football coach, Vince Lombardi, “The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender”. What was true of his craft is true in the every-day grind that is our lives. I believe that it is a part of human nature that we need to be vested in something in order that we be truly passionate. We must have some of our sweat, toil, and tears into an endeavor before we become truly protective of its aim. Our passions reflect us, drive us, and sometimes… become us. As cheesy and unpleasant as it may sound, “No Pain, No Gain”.

If it sounds like I have lost it… reflect upon your own life. Reflect upon those people or those pursuits with which you were the most passionate… See anything in common? If you look hard enough, you will see great commitment and fortitude. You will find yourself remembering the moment when you thought, “I have worked too hard to quit now”. I don’t know that this is any great “Secret” but perhaps we make life more complicated than it really needs to be.

Relationships, Lovers, Work, Sport, and Hobby. I would propose that if you ache for a deep passion, take one step forward on faith and commitment, and then one more step after the first. You never know where it may lead. 

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